L' associazione " Namastè International Community nasce con l'ambizioso e lungimirante ideale di diffondere la conoscenza, l'altruismo, la felicità e lo scambio dei saperi, creando una fitta rete di persone associate con veri ideali etici, altruistici, di condivisione e amore per la natura per l' ambiente e ogni essere vivente. Tramite il "Progetto 21"Cooperazione Etica e il Progetto 23 "Scuola del fai da te" e altri progetti di utilità sociale facciamo del nostro meglio per sensibilizzare sempre più persone al rispetto per l' ambiente tramite il riciclo creativo, lavori in legno, il fotovoltaico fai da te, la consapevolezza energetica e una buona gestione delle "energie" mente corpo ambiente e spirito. Tutto questo tramite Social Network di qualità e presso le nostre sedi ufficiali o in comodato d'uso gratuito. Da oggi puoi: ✅ Collaborare con noi; ✅ Sostenerci a distanza con materiali o libere donazioni; ✅ Proporre i tuoi progetti; ✅ Diventare Socio; ✅ Farci da Social Promoter nei social network; ✅ Creare dei gruppi nella tua città di Residenza.
Ogni associato mette in campo o in condivisione le proprie Idee, Consigli, Doti, Competenze, Progetti, Tempo, Fede e Cuore per realizzare una vera e propria Community di Vera Fratellanza. Questo si chiama Altruismo, Cooperazione, Lungimiranza e Amore per il Prossimo . CODICE FISCALE 93048950161 LIBERA DONAZIONE SU BANCO BPM CODICE IBAN: IT30A0503453291000000002150 - Intestato a: Namaste International Community Aps - CAUSALE: Libera donazione INFO: WHATSAPP 3202181316

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venerdì 11 marzo 2016


(Raymond Bard)

1- Reduce your attachment to material things you own.
If you can not share what you have .... it absorbs you life energy.
Those who are strongly attached to their material goods generally end up being in big psychological difficulties when they lose these things, or in constant fear and excessive anxiety for fear of losing everything or being ripped off by others ....
And 'maybe a cliché, but what you own will inevitably possess. Try to minimize your material needs and you will be even happier.
It takes your time to do simple things, to enjoy the little things, think about your inner well-being and that of your loved ones around you.

2 - Do not always run, stop and be curious about the world around you.
Become an explorer, he looks at the world as if I were a child.
The world, people, every little detail is a universe to discover.
Try new things, get out of your comfort zone and apparent safety, experiences the discomfort and step outside the confines that more or less unconsciously you've set.
Experiments with new environments, people, and new sensations.
He begins to smile to people who feel positive communicating a greeting if you come reciprocated greets verbally .....
The universe has so much to offer, why not take advantage? Why not look on the bright side of things?
And there's no need to go on the other side of the world, wonder
Life is always around you. Open your eyes observes the colors with all its nuances and breathe deeply you are alive you are here now !!!

3 - Keep active / a and fit!
Sometimes it's strange to think how each of us has one body,
one terrific way to move in the beauty of life and
at the same time as many of us do not take care at all.
Laziness, smoking, alcohol, fatty foods, stress from work and shopping inevitably end
compromising the wonderful features of that wonderful miracle that is your body. Then try to take care of your body and your health, keep fit and everything will be easier.
Remember that what happens inside your body is carried out, and vice versa.
Rely on a good personal trainer or other educator and immediately begins !!!
Not tomorrow.
Your body is worth more than a vacation, a nice car, a closet chock full of clothes or a cell phone last generation ......
Your body is you and inside your body live billions of living cells that you pray as their God.

4 - Learn to focus yourself only on the present. NOW!!
Think about the past and how to walk looking back,
....... Think who in life always runs ...
Thinking too much about the future and how to run without looking done we put our feet ....
That the past can not be changed is obvious, then why frullarci the brain? Use the past only to understand how not to repeat mistakes that you made,
but otherwise let it go, do not come back alive.
The future, on the other hand, is nothing but the result of what
fulfill now, in the present, at this very moment.
Live in the present, here and now. The present moment is the only one that counts,
do not let it slip away. Do not try old fears and surrounded
the wise people cheerful and positive ...
Now get up from the chair and meet with them ... the will and not think too much is the engine of the lazy.

5 - Smile more often .... it is as sweat and magic ...
From a physical point of view, every time you smile your brain releases serotonin,
the happiness hormone.
Smiling is somehow the natural way to "trick you" to be happy.
Happiness leads us to smile, but it is also true, the smile brings us closer
to happiness.
Through your smile you can brighten the lives of those who are close.
Attract happy people, and turn away those seeking prey insecure and sad ..
Leave the house and watching who responds to your smile .. your reality and your friendships
change very quickly in a positive ...
Frequents gay people, stay away from those who speak ill of others .... and who asks your time without his devotes to others ..... That is, you stay away from those who do not know love altruism and gratitude ... . (those are called energy vampires or rather social parasites).

6 - Be Selfless and helps the others and you'll always be rich and happy.
Background: He who sows good collects fine ...
Who does not think so and just because no one has taught him to sow ...
In fact, most people are not well educated to evaluate their actions ...
Watering every day a vase without soil and without seeds is time and wasted energy ... even if the jar is beautiful .... that is, appears beautiful ... or someone makes it look beautiful ...
Help your neighbor has an extraordinary positive effect on you than on others.
Helping others grow as a person, your ability will give you change in
Altruism is contagious ...
Your relationship with that person will become much closer and that same
person will be pushed to do something good for someone else.
We are not alone in this world and help each other is the most
wise we can do is a guarantee for our future ..
Who does not want to cultivate genuine friendships with kindred spirits will age badly and only ...
(Except if you have already grown very well in your small kitchen garden)
Better to have 10 friends who altruistic 100,000 Euros in the bank believe me ...

7- Learn to forgive and not feel anger and hate
Forgiveness is the cessation of feeling resentment towards another person; It is therefore a humanitarian gesture which, by winning the grudge, you renounce any form of punishment or revenge of revenge against an offender.
In spiritual terms to get lost, the individual must go to those or the one who has done wrong and ask for forgiveness three times sincerely so will be forgiven, who confesses and abandons his sin ...
What are the hatred and resentment?
Forgiveness is the best weapon at our disposal to be comfortable with ourselves and with those around us.
We all make mistakes and hold a grudge for others' mistakes is not helpful to anyone, and indeed like an invisible acid that eats away at us inside ....
Stay resentful and angry toward someone helps to create our malaise and to give birth to numerous or endless negative thoughts ... while forgiveness is a wonderful tool that can give us relief and comfort, leaving behind us the rancor of the past.
Make sure that the person understands your forgiveness ... and you will be free from your weight and emptied from your poison ....
Know that the most evil people in this society are those who make mistakes all the time and never apologize or lose ....

8 - Meditate and Relax every day.
Meditating does not mean taking refuge in his own mental paradise, but to have a frank and direct contact with themselves, free from the many filters that are interposed between our inner self and the reality seen and interpreted by our logical mind.
In today's reality in which each of us is constantly connected to the world through the internet, TV and mobile phones, they are less and less people who appreciate and enjoy the beauty of silence.
The ability to quiet the mind and relax the body is an art that each of us can develop and appreciate the benefits.
Simply sit down and focus on your breath, without thinking about anything.
At first you might find boring or difficult to put into practice meditation, but with time you will learn to love and appreciate the wonderful feeling of well-being and clarity.
Let's more often the time to be with our inner child, forgetting for a few minutes sprinting towards duties and pleasures ....
Who runs too sooner or later you get tired or falls down and gets hurt ..
Relax all means take the time to appreciate what you are doing at the present moment.
for at least one hour a day lock the door to the world of the duties and pleasures to chronic anxiety world .....
Slowing down is a conscious choice, a choice that requires courage, but also a choice that can enrich your life, make it more genuine and lead you to happiness and the most authentic peace.

9 - Do what you love.
Love what you do and you will be happy ....
Write on a large sheet of paper with colored markers 4-5 activities you love to do in life, the ones that make you happy and make you feel good. Then hang that piece of paper in a nice place visible to your eyes ..
Cooking, reading, playing sports, spending time with family ... are just examples, each of us has of the activities that you really love to do.
Make these activities the foundation of your day, every day.
And eliminate as much as you can of the rest.
Reduce life essentials, to what you really like.
This will help you reduce stress and chaos.

10 - Care your friendships.
Search, banquets and share it with your similar and you'll always be happy always says Raymond Bard
Focus your energy on those people who really make you feel good.
Trying to choose as friends people who deserve your time and your attention for the simple reason that make you feel good.
Attends the people as the purpose of life have altruistic projects ...
Of positive and optimistic people believe in sharing and cooperation, stay away from the opposite ie selfish, pessimistic, angry, competitive, destroyers, envious ...
Do not get attracted by appearances and not be misled by opportunists or social experts parasites in disguise masquerade.
The behavior of a person is much more important than words. Surround yourself with friends who reflect the person you want to be.
Choose friends who will fill with pride, people you admire, who love you and respect you for who you are. People who make your day a little 'brighter, simply for the fact of being there.
Do not waste your time and your energies for those who do not understand why they are not interested in your life plans ... Use that time and your life energy, searching for similar ...

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